Commonsense and Logic : a concise theory

Here is a long-standing phenomenon (problem, perhaps) in Commonsense Reasoning – commonsense v/s logic. While interpreting any data, there are a lot of possible ways to do it in. These possibilities are logical possibilities. But in everyday life, commonsense takes over, and makes us choose the “commonsensical” possibility. For example, if someone says to you (say,Continue reading “Commonsense and Logic : a concise theory”

What ‘commonsense’ is this?

Consider this sentence someone tells you –  The doctors did the surgery quickly. There are obviously 2 parts to the cognition of this sentence –  1) In cognition, we, first, obviously consider / understand what is given explicitly (that there were more than one doctor, they did a surgery, they did it quickly etc. ThisContinue reading “What ‘commonsense’ is this?”

The Definition of Definition

A word is defined in a context in which it is always present. A thief (defined as – one who steals) is defined in the context of the act of stealing, in which it is always present. (Similarly, the stolen thing CAN BE defined in the context of the act of stealing, in which it isContinue reading “The Definition of Definition”

Psychology and Commonsense

Can obvious ‘workings of the mind’ be also said to be commonsense? That is, when someone says words of encouragement and inspiration to you, you become positive in outlook. Upon winning, sometime later, you automatically reflect back on the hardships you had to go through to reach where you have. Or something simpler – uponContinue reading “Psychology and Commonsense”

A broad theoretical explanation for a Commonsense phenomenon

When we hear something like – “…and he hit the ball”, commonsense brings to mind something like, say, (there being) a bat (for hitting the ball with) since hitting a ball with a hand (which is the hypothetical literally-default connotation) is odd and uncommonsensical. Let’s see a broad explanation for the above. Firstly, the explanationContinue reading “A broad theoretical explanation for a Commonsense phenomenon”

Default aspect of data – via Commonsense & Sensory mechanism

Every piece of entity has aspects to it. Depending upon the context, we take the requisite/appropriate aspect of the entity. But there is a default aspect (commonsensical) aspect to entities also. When there is no particular context, we take the default aspect. For example, when there is no particular context in the case of aContinue reading “Default aspect of data – via Commonsense & Sensory mechanism”

Context – provided by the ‘Human-centeredness’ of the Meaning

We all know that meaning rests upon context. Claim : It is provision of human-centered meaning / personification, that provides context. Suppose you are holding a cell-phone for the first time. You see the screen. On the top right corner, you see ‘5:43 pm’. (Exclude factors like maybe the clock is not adjusted to theContinue reading “Context – provided by the ‘Human-centeredness’ of the Meaning”