A super-simple NLP idea

Consider these major parts of speech – 

N V Ad Adv Art Prep Conj 

7P2 i.e. 42 such permutations.

E.g. – 


V Adv

Prep Adv


For each pair, write the general, elaborate meaning. 

E.g. (Proper N) + (V) – John called

Such a meaning of this fragment (pair) is – 

‘A person named N did the action of V’ – ‘A person named John did the action of calling’

Other meanings could be with replacing the words (N and V) with their synonyms / (and more importantly) meanings from the dictionary.

These general meaning elaborations will have to be hand-typed. Thus is generated a database of the pairs and their general, elaborate meanings.

Now, given a sentence, take all the pairs of successive words in it. The program will then generate their meanings from this database. The resultant set of sentences would, to a great extent, be the cumulative meaning of the sentence. The set will also contain the various different interpretations of the sentence (due to the synonyms / (and more importantly) meanings of the words of the sentence, from the dictionary).

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