A Commonsense Law (Labeling)

Suppose V is the value of a property P, and V is associated with X, then the value of P of X is V. 

*This is a commonsense law, not a logical necessity. 

E.g. a player wearing a jersey (X) with ‘Beckham’ (V) written on it is Beckham (name = P).

A bottle (X) with 250 ml (V) written on it is 250 ml in volume (P).

Not necessary logically, clearly, because just writing 250 ml on a bottle doesnt mean (logically) that the bottle’s volume is 250 ml; or just writing ‘Beckham’ on a shirt doesnt mean the person wearing the shirt is Beckham.

The ‘writing on’ the jersey or the bottle is the ‘association’ (of V with X). 

A final illustrative example – Suppose your phone has it written on it Samsung. Here, V is Samsung, a value of a property (P) ‘company name’. V is associated with the phone (X) (since it is written on the phone). Hence the value  of the company name of the phone is Samsung.

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