Zeroth law of NLP

The default “direction” of flow of data / knowledge in all written and spoken material is, mostly, FORWARD. Things are moving ahead. They are obviously going from something temporally, before, to something temporally, later. We read ahead in time. First comes something and THEN comes something else and more. We increase data that is coming at us, and not the other way round. Not that we have 1000 words to begin with, and then we remove 1 word and thus have 999 and some meaning unravels, then remove 2 words and thus have 998 and some more meaning unravels, and so on. We have 1, then we add one, and thus have 2 and some sense is made, and then we add 1 more and have 3 and some additional sense is made, and so on.  
One consequence of this – Some words have, what can be called as, “forward” and “backward” aspects to their meaning. Owing to this forward inertia of data-flow, we tend to take the forward aspect of the meaning of these words (as with all the words). Suppose someone says – let me resume work. The conventional forward meaning tells you that now there is going to be work being done. But the very semantics of ‘resume’ tells you that work was being done before saying that sentence, too. This implication striking the mind is rarer than the other one (forward) doing so, because in this case you are going against the flow – the default direction of flow of data, which is FORWARD. 

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