Aspects to Commonsense Reasoning

Are there fundamentally any more? Please add to the list. 

(Some of these relate to each other).

  1. a) By definition – medicine is “good” (by definition medicine heals/cures).

          b) Relates to basic or definitive property – car will take you faster than walking,

if it’s at the bottom of the sea, its not visible from outside,

waiter telling a customer to bring a dish to eat,

not recognizing your brother.

  1. Something less important as against more important – 

Saw some statues, but not the Eiffel tower on visit to Paris. 

Fighting with the car-owner who dashed your car as against taking your injured friend to the hospital

  1. Alternative – if not this, something else.   

           If this pen doesnt work, take some other one.

  1. Relates to (reinforces or defeats) the very reason or purpose of saying or doing or of existence, of something – 

“killed with a gun” implies shot with a gun and not say banged the gun on the head 10 times. 

I called out to him, implies I can speak.

  1. ‘Disproportionate’ness/proportion – 

Every American has a President (same for all; not one for each), every American has a mother (different for each, not the same one for all)

More the price lesser the demand

Early bird catches worm

  1. Pivotal dependence –   

If the phone is not charged in the first place, then no use of the numerous functionalities and features


Gateway to a lot” : (multiple/most number of/monumental things depending upon a single one/very few) –

wedding without the bride or the groom

  1. a) Unnecessary – a note-book for writing a letter, need to steal something you own, something happens on its own – no need to do anything for it

b) Misdirected efforts – push an object with a string, cutting a tree with a razor, cutting hair with an axe.

  1. Completeness – One thing useless without the other (left shoe without the right shoe). 
  1. Inclusive implication – 

If you own a Mercedes, then you own a cell phone.

            If a building has a “5th floor” it has a 2nd floor (but not necessarily a 7th floor).

  1. Relating to Cases of maxima / minima /abundance / rarity – 

            Hit where it hurts the most, score 100/100 – you will stand first whatever be the competition.

            If it’s once in a decade, preserve it

  1. What else/more (could be)? – Set of conceivable possibilities. 

All of a total of known-to-be hundred items, numbered 1 to 100, have been checked while packing. What else could remain? (5 out of 5 means everything is present, nothing can be left out).

The human thief could be a male or a female. What else?

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