Commonsense – only Logic and Precedence?

Question : Is there any commonsensical inference which is not on the basis of LOGIC or PRECEDENCE bases?

By PRECEDENCE, it is meant, things like – “Has this been seen or experienced before anywhere in the world? How many such cases would be there? …..etc.

And LOGIC includes Scientific logic like say gravity, electrostatic attraction/repulsion etc. 

Consider this data – John is in the living room.


  1. There is a living room somewhere – with its components – a floor (this is implied by LOGIC – gravity), furniture (PRECEDENCE – how many living rooms have you seen without furniture?), ceiling (PRECEDENCE – how many rooms have you seen without a ceiling?), walls (LOGIC – by definition of a room).
  2. There exists a person called John. LOGIC. 
  3. There is a house somewhere with the living room, with other room(s). PRECEDENCE; depends upon what you can call a living room.
  4. Planet earth exists – LOGIC – “planet earth existing” is a symbolic statement for there not being nothing i.e. everything (the planet) collapsed/in disorder.
  5. There is a certain date and time at that instance –  LOGIC.
  6. John is  smaller than the living room / there is space in the living room for John. Both  LOGIC + CONCEIVABILITY PRECEDENCE. No one has been able to conceive “A inside B and yet A bigger than B”. 
  7. Most of John’s body parts are in the living room. STATISTICAL PRECEDENCE. How many such people exist? (that too in houses).
  8. Someone built the house (living room). LOGIC SAYS NOT NECESSARY – it could be one of the solutions of the random natural processes. BUT NO PRECEDENCE of auto-building through natural process.
  9. John existed all the while from his birth till that point in time. SCIENTIFIC LOGIC / PRECEDENCE – Once a person dies, he cannot become alive again. 
  10. John has a father and a mother. SCIENTIFIC LOGIC / PRECEDENCE.
  11. Someone owns the house LOGIC SAYS NOT NECESSARY (might be a haunted structure somewhere, no one went near to). BUT AGAIN HAS PRECEDENCE ARGUMENT – how many houses (or material things) exist which are not owned by anyone? (This point I am not sure of, in the sense – perhaps, even logically necessary).
  12. John is below the clouds. PRECEDENCE – No structure has been built which reaches upto the clouds. . 

There are also some things which are NOT TRUE – 

1. John is not in the kitchen. PRECEDENCE. Both – the living room and kitchen can be the same, logically speaking.

2. John is not outside the house.  PRECEDENCE (living room outside the house). Or LOGIC if a living room, by definition has to be inside the house.

3. John is not having a bath. PRECEDENCE.

4. John isn’t cooking food. PRECEDENCE.

5. John is not in a vehicle. LOGICALLY NOT NECESSARY. BUT AGAIN PRECEDENCE – Vehicle inside a living room. How many cases have you seen of a vehicle being inside a living room?

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