Calculus for commonsense?

What is commonsense?
Short and simple explanation : 
Suppose you have a data D. And commonsense says that it means D’. What is this D’?

Convert D into a visual medium. There will be several ways to describe the visual i.e. effectively D. Each of those descriptions will involve slightly many different words, coming from the visual “scene”. Each of those will be samples of D’!

This is different from “just another way to say the same thing” and is actually a case of “data meaning something”, and is supported by a cognitive processing step in between – namely, the ‘visualisation’. Strictly speaking, this is Commonsense Meaning (and not just ‘common sense’ in general).

Also, each of these D’s will also, strictly speaking, imply something, involving mostly the same words in that particular D’. That will keep it “close” to that D’ and related to that D’. Lets call it D”. These will be the commonsensical implications from D. (Like ‘John giving a gift to Jack (D)’ commonsensically implying that ‘Jack became happy (D”)’). 

Example : 

A is holding a ball – D.

1. A’s fingers are gripping the ball – D’.

2. A’s palm was touching encompassingly the ball – D’.(There will be many D’s).

D” of 1 is ‘A’s fingers were touching the ball’ which is a commonsense implication of D.

The above also highlights the difference between ‘meaning’ and ‘implication’ via the explanations of commonsense meaning and commonsense implication. 

Can we use Calculus to represent Common Sense implications where the fundamental conventional differential ‘dx’ is the implicative thought addendum to X, supported cognitively by the step of visualisation, which is the pathway from one linguistic description of something to another of the same thing?

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