What is ‘wrong’? Anything that doesnt serve the purpose.

I want to open the door. If I wipe my dinner plate on the dining table near the door, the door wont open; that would be WRONG. The one property one sees as to the 2 actions – wiping the plate and turning the knob of the door – is that they are clearly DIFFERENT from each other. 2 “different” things can serve the same purpose; but in most cases if you do something completely different than the prescribed path, you will not get to the end result. (Even though ‘wrong’ implies ‘different’ and not necessarily the other way round, later we will see that the origin of the word ‘different’, in general and broadly, itself implies something that wont serve the purpose of the context and hence would be effectively something “wrong”).

Wrong and right are different from each other.  

You cannot throw an apple to the moon. There are ways to send things to the moon, and throwing an apple by hand bears a difference with all of those instances.

You cannot make salad out of shirts. There ways to make salad, and there is a difference between bringing in shirts and all of those ways.

Quite simply, something what we call ‘different’ in the very first place, is, by connotative definition, what doesn’t adhere, loosely speaking, to the ‘context’ we are in i.e. to the goal/purpose of why we are considering/doing whatever we are considering/doing at that time).

So whatever is “different” from ‘X’, won’t go where X is headed towards, or do what X is doing, or look like X, or work or behave like X…and so on. Something different than X won’t “fit into” the “world of X”. Its world won’t match with the world of X.

When there is no commonality between X and X’ or the quantum of difference between the values of the common measurable parameters of X and X’ is huge, X’ is drastically different than X. So the world of X’ is completely different from the world of X. Making a mistake in juxtaposing such worlds is extremely dumb and absence of COMMONSENSE.

For example, the world of ‘electrical/electronic circuit equipment’ and that of ‘vegetation’ qualify to be such worlds. So, one such commonsense follow-up statement from this (like those in literature on commonsense AI) is that – you cannot make cell-phone circuits out of leaves or fruits. This is a case of no commonality. In the case of a human throwing a thing with his hand to the moon, there is a huge quantum of difference in the common parameter of force that is generated by a space shuttle and the human hand. So that becomes a case of a drastically high difference in the values of the common parameter.

Similar examples of X and X’ could be : 1) Rodents and Saturn 2) skin-tone creams and the cosine of an angle. (And millions such).

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