Ubiquitous concepts

SAME seems corresponding to CONNECTED, and DIFFERENT seems corresponding to DISCONNECTED.

Different – disconnected 

Same – connected


If 2 things are same, they are obviously connected to each other. 

If 2 things are connected to each other, they have a similarity in them.

If 2 things are different, they may or may not be connected to each other.

If 2 things are disconnected from each other, they are different from each other /  bear no similarity between them.


ADD seems corresponding  to TOGETHER, and SUBTRACT seems corresponding to APART.

Add – together 

Subtract – Apart 


If 2 things are added, they are together.

If 2 things are together, they are not necessarily added.

If a thing is subtracted from another thing, the 2 things are apart.

If 2 things are apart, it is not necessary that one has been subtracted from the other.


With regard to relationships, do you see a similarity between the following two statements?

1) That, in a one way relationship, A => B but B not necessarily => A. But B is an effect of A.

2) That, (a-b) is not necessarily (b-a). But (b-a) = -(a-b).

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