The Wholeness Principle

Consider this sentence – 

A gave a ball to B.

We all know that when we are given a sentence, we try to construct the scene / imagine the scene, in terms of what we know about the world*.

One commonsense assumption we make is that the ball wasnt of the size of planets. How does that happen?

Principle : We try to match the WHOLE (the sentence as a whole, together), at once, to something we have seen before*. It is only when that is done does the size of the ball gets typicalized (and hence normal/regular). The whole involves A and B and it is the presence of 2 human beings A and the B which puts the constraint on the size of the ball – A human being cannot hold a planetary ball. If we part-by-part, isolatedly, and independently constructed the scene i.e. first just imagine an A, forget it, then imagine a ball, forget it and then some B, we could indeed land up with the possibility of a gigantic ball when we are at the turn of imagining the ball.

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