The gap between the Mind and Language

Consider this very basic Linguistic representation scheme for a question- 

Sounds simple. Simply speaking, there is a Reference, and then there is a Relation to the Reference. This continues as a chain.

The Reference is what you are considering, first. And the Relation is the connection emanating from it. Then that becomes the reference, and you take a connection emanating from it……and so on. 

Lets see examples – 

Q – Who is the smartest man in the world?

Reference – what you are considering first – people in the world.

Relation – connection emanating from it – person with the highest IQ from amongst them. (The exact relational element is in italics).

Above becomes the reference (person with the highest IQ from amongst the people in the world); Relation – his name (we want his name, not say, his weight or height).

(The first level can be decomposed further as – Reference being ‘the World’ and the Relation being ‘the people in it’.

Leading to – 



Smartest man


Or take another simmple example – 

Q – When is Christmas celebrated?

Ref – Christmas

Rel – its celebration

Ref – celebration of Christmas

Rel – date of celebration of Christmas.)

This is the basic ELEMENTAL feature of any fragment of Language itself – there is first something considered, and then there is something related/connected to it. Take, for example, the famous ‘subject and predicate’ of a sentence as a whole. 

Whereas the mind works commonsensically. You can directly get flashed of a wing of an airplane. You dont necessarily first think of an airplane, and then think of its wing, as the next step. But when you have to convert it into language, then it has to follow the organised systematic process as described above – first we have to state the airplace and then say “the wing of an airplane”. 

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