The 2 Meanings

A small point –

2 Meanings :

Here I would just like to highlight the 2 fundamental different kinds of meanings to any data.

Any data will have a representation. So there will be a “representational meaning” or the meaning implied by the rules of representation – lets call it ‘Meaning A’, and the “Commonsensical” OR “Knowledge-based meaning”. The latter connects to the knowledge other than that present in the data. Let’s call this ‘Meaning B’.

E.g. – This is a heavy velocity.

Meaning A tells me that the velocity is heavy, since the word ‘velocity’ is preceded by the word ‘heavy’ in the representation of the data.

Meaning B tells me that the sentence lacks sense since there cannot be something like a “heavy velocity” since velocity doesn’t have mass or weight (world-knowledge other than that present in the data). 

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