Non-contextual commonsense implications

Non-contextual (not any particular context) commonsense implications – 

In any scenario, there are multiple commonsense implications recognizable – only one or two are “mainstream”, the rest are “less effective”. The mainstream ones carry more default relevance than the less effective ones. What is the distinguishing criteria/property? We shall see.

E.g. – 1) If you give a book to someone, it won’t remain with you.

Implication – it won’t remain with you – this is mainstream.

Less effective ones – you will lose contact with the cover of the book

                                 the distance of the book from your body would most probably increase


2) If you put a very heavy weight on the head of a bicycle-rider, will the bicycle be able to bear the weight ?

Mainstream implication – above (will the bicycle be able to bear the weight?)

                                        similar one – the weight on the bicycle will increase

Less effective ones – the weight will touch your head.

3) If you open a book, you will see some text/contents inside it.

Mainstream – above

Less effective – the expanse of the book will increase

                        you will see 2 pages of the book (this is not so bad)

                        you will see the binding/partition line of the book.


What is the difference between the mainstream ones and the rest?

The former shows the relation involving all (as many) the components of the whole scenario (as possible.)

In example 1, the mainstream implication includes you and the book. The less effectives – i) does not include the whole book (only the cover). ii) talks about your body only, and not (you the identity + body) which is = you.

In example 2, the mainstream implication includes weight (rider + weight on top of his head) + bicycle. The less effective one does not include the bicycle.

In example 3, the mainstream implication includes book + its contents. The less effective ones – i) talks about the outline / area of the book  ii) talks about (only) 2 of the pages iii) talks about a part – the partition line – of the book. 

So there is a tie between any of these 3 said-to-be less effective ones and the mainstream one. But the contents of the book clearly carry more default relevance than any of the other 3 parts – 2 pages, the binding line, and the outline.


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