Introducing a concept in connections

Let us introduce a concept in connections.

In 2 connected entities, there will obviously be a 2-way relationship between them.

The entity in whose general description the other comes more “immediately” than the other way round is the Parent node; the other is the Child-node. Or let’s call them ‘Fast-node’ and ‘Slow-node’ respectively.

E.g. – Consider the connection ‘Shirt – Wardrobe’:

Here, Wardrobe is the Fast-node and Shirt is the Slow-node. Because, in the general description of a wardrobe, a shirt is involved (/comes in) more “immediately” than wardrobe coming while you start describing a shirt in general. That is, when you start describing a wardrobe in general, you will immediately stumble upon the word ‘shirt’ in the description. How will you start talking about a wardrobe? You would start with something like ” its a place where…….” and the words ‘shirts’, suits, pants etc. would then come in. But suppose you are asked to talk about a shirt in general. Then there are quite a few things you will talk and hence quite a few directions you might possibly go in, without necessarily immediately stumbling upon the usage of the word ‘wardrobe’ during the description.

Other examples-

1. Broom – Dirt :

Fast-node – broom; Slow-node – dirt. You reach dirt more immediately, starting from

broom, than in the other way round.

2. Hand – Body :

Slow-node – body; Fast-node – hand.

3. Oven – Electricity : When you start describing an oven, electricity comes more immediately as against when there is a mention of electricity, an oven comes in. Hence, oven is the fast-node, and electricity is the slow-node.

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