How we consume reality commonsensical-ly in everyday life

How we consume reality commonsensical-ly in everyday life – 

Before coming to the figure –

Consider any data. What is usually around it, in typical everyday scenes, can be called the “commonsense around it”. Or, in other words, commonsense makes us quickly assume around a piece of data, what is usually present around it, in typical everyday situations.

Here is the explanation of the figure :

  • The rectangular frame is the reality. The circles (red and green) are the data-points in the reality.
  • The red circles are the few data-points we pay conscious attention to. (We don’t pay attention to the whole bit-by-bit reality. We miss many things).
  • The blue amoebae around the solid circles are the commonsense assumptions about / stretching from, the red circles.
  • The green circles inside the blue are the parts of the reality which match with the commonsense-space around the red circles.
  • The amoeba-ically-bordered blue space is the total reality we effectively perceive, from the attended data-points (red), by stretching things around them commonsensical-ly.
  • The green circles outside the blue amoebae are the reality data points we miss – miss conscious attention towards.

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