Definitive property for Qualitative Relation between 2 things

We are only discussing qualitative relations, not quantitative. 

Examples of Qualitative relations : 

  1. Batsman & Cricket – Batsman plays Cricket (case-based), 
  2. Pen & paper – Pen writes on a Paper (associative), 
  3. Having sex & having kids – Having sex leads to having kids (causal), 
  4. Friday and Saturday – Friday comes before Saturday (sequential)

(A quantitative relationship is that between the area (A) of a circle and its radius (r), which is that

A = 3.14 * r^2. These are out of the scope).

Definitive Property : If two entities bear a relation between them, then their definitively representative aspects – text/videos/images – have something similar or in common. The converse is not true. There is no relation between 2 different kinds of adhesives (gum and Fevicol). 

Illustration : 

Similarities/Commonalities in the entities in the above examples :

1. A video/picture of cricket contains someone (lots of people) playing the game. Batsman’s definitive/identity is (contains him) playing cricket. Both the items contain a cricket player.

2. Both the videos/images – of a pen and paper in definitive action have both a pen and paper in them.

3. Both the videos/images – ‘having sex’ and of ‘having kid’ (here we are considering the ‘having of the kid’) involve a woman.

4. Both of their definitions involve a ‘day’. Both are days.

Note : “Relations” like 2 brothers, 2 sisters etc. don’t fall in this category, since, here, we are considering 2 entities, in general, (like say a pen and a paper in general OR a batsman and cricket in general etc.). We are talking about RELATIONS WHICH HOLD IN GENERAL between classes of samples. So a case like John Smith and Jack Smith (who are say each others’ brothers) don’t fall in this category of relations.

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