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Commonsensical/kid-centric properties of cognition

Schank, Roger, Dynamic Memory Revisited (1999), Preface, Pg. viii. Schank says that “someone has to get a computer to know what a human knows about using a toaster or playing baseball”. Comments :  Children understand things at just the right level – not absolutely shallow, as in rote memory, and obviously not too deep. How do…

Commonsense and Logic : a concise theory

Here is a long-standing phenomenon (problem, perhaps) in Commonsense Reasoning – commonsense v/s logic. While interpreting any data, there are a lot of possible ways to do it in. These possibilities are logical possibilities. But in everyday life, commonsense takes over, and makes us choose the “commonsensical” possibility. For example, if someone says to you (say,…

Reverse Cognition

When we consume data, it increases with time. We listen to one word, then the second word – that leads to some partial cognition – then the third word and so on. Then we cognize one sentence. Then 2 sentences, and so on. As (more and more) information comes in, the meaning unravels more and…

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